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Blue & Red Plums Are Now Sold Out In Our Store

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Toka Plums, Damson Plums & Ginger Gold Apples Are Now Available In Our Store

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Red Plums Are Now Available In Our Store

Damson Plums & Dolgo Crabapples Sold Out

Blue Damson Plums & Dolgo Crabapples Are Now Sold Out

Toka Plums

Toka Plums Are Now Available In Our Store

Blue Damson Plums

Blue Damson Plums Are Now Available In Our Store

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Vista Bella Apples Are Now Sold Out.
Now Available In Our Store Are Wealthy, Ginger Gold Apples And Toka Plums.

Toka and Red Plums Sold Out.

We are now Sold Out of Toka and Red Plums.

Toka Plums

We now have Toka Plums & Blue Damson Plums available in our store.

Toka Plums

Early Sweet, Jersey Mac Sold Out

Early Sweet, Jersey Mac Apples - Sold Out
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Info on Varieties

A McIntosh-style apple. The Lobo is crisp, tart and delicious as an eating apple.

Ginger Gold
ginger gold
If the name Ginger Gold is unfamiliar, that's because it is a recent addition to the list of apple varieties. It was discovered growing among the twisted uprooted trees in a Virginia orchard in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Its ancestors are the Golden Delicious and Albermarle Pippin apples.

Toka Plum
toka plum
Medium to large, reddish-bronze fruit has yellow, firm flesh with a rich, spicy flavor. Good for eating fresh or canning.

Usage: In salads and eaten raw by themselves or paired with cheese. Sweet juicy Anjous are perfect for baking into desserts like tarts.

Damson Plums


The damson tree takes its name from the city of Damascus — in present-day Syria — where it was first cultivated many centuries ago. From here, damson tree cultivation spread to ancient Rome. The Romans subsequently introduced the tree to Great Britain, and British colonists in turn brought it to America.

The Damson plums make an excellent jam!